August 20, 2017

Vigilance Services

These services are special services available to our clients aimed at obtaining information about a person or persons. We use specialist intelligence teams who are able to procure information from a wide range of sources. The methods employed by us are extremely discreet, legal and very effective. We are able to gain useful information about individuals.

We also have many years’ experience in obtaining personal information on individuals in a highly discreet and covert manner. We can search into someone’s background to reveal truths about their past and present. We can investigate the movements of a partner and validate the information we gain before passing it back to the client.

Vigilance can be undertaken in to the following areas.

  • Pre-Employment Verification.
  • Post-Employment Verification.
  • Divorce Case.
  • Pre-Matrimonial Investigation.
  • Post-Matrimonial Investigation.