August 20, 2017

Guarding Services

Guarding Services

Rapid Security Services Inc. has the experience and expertise over a wide range of services from routine security functions to the most demanding client requirements. Some are as below

Corporate Security

Corporate businesses are at an ever-increasing risk from security breaches from both external and internal sources. Our experienced Guards are a key aspect to our company. The tailored and practical approach we adopt when working with you means we provide corporate security that meets your exact needs

Industrial Security

Industrial premises create unique security challenges, with warehouses and factories being large, open spaces, quite often situated in remote locations. These industrial security challenges require well thought out solutions that overcome each industrial site problem and obstacle, allowing RSS to deliver the protection and safety you deserve for your business’ industrial site.

Warehouses Security

Warehouses and farm houses are usually located in remote areas, out cuts, to facilitate ease of access to the highways for import & export of materials in the quickest possible time has becomes a major security concern.

Event security

RSS takes great pride in offering only the best in Event Security.  With employ experienced Security guards, fully trained in handling all your event security needs. You can trust the professionals in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and securely. Movie Screenings, sports, Events, auctions, Concerts, Music festivals, Weddings & many more.

Our security staff offer a huge skill set involved with event security including:

  • Front of house security
  • Static and mobile security
  • Crowd management services

From initial preparation of the security details, to the very end of the event, our security guards will be on site from beginning to end, ensuring your event stays secure to the last moment required.


We are engaged in providing Bouncers Service. We are very experienced in dealing with volatile situations and intoxicated and unruly crowds. We work closely with law enforcement to strictly comply with all city safety regulations and night club rules, including each of the following night club security service guidelines:

  • Verify proof of age and documentation to prevent entrance to minors.
  • Weapon/drugs search prior to entrance. Anyone found armed or in possession of   drug paraphernalia will be evicted or handed over to law enforcement.
  • Limit access to comply with capacity and city regulations strictly enforce all of the city’s safety regulations and the night club’s rules.

Consistently monitor crowds inside and outside of the facility to maintain a controlled   environment

Escort Services 

We provide industries and corporate with armed/unarmed escort and services for cargos. Such services are mostly availed by diamond merchants, airlines, etc. to escort individuals or cargos between destinations.

Kennel Squad

Our dog squad comprises highly pedigreed and trained German Shepherds, Doberman and Labradors along with skilled and experienced handlers. These squads are effectively used in industrial applications for perimeter and facility patrol, building/area search operations and intruder detection / apprehension.

Gunmen/ Arm Guard

The gunmen are deployed at the banks, industries show rooms or at the manufacturing units of precious items where more cautious attention is needed for the protection of the properties. The gunmen are also deputed to escort the vehicle carrying the cashes for the banks and disposals at the bank ATM.’s.

Personnel Bodyguard 

Personal bodyguards service for close contact protection to the dignitaries peoples against the threat of kidnapping and or physical assault. Our plainclothes armed and unarmed personnel from the pool of personal bodyguards who provide individuals or teams to safeguard your assets.

Lady Security Guard

Lady guards are generally deployed for the frisking and keeping watch of activities of ladies who enter or exit from the premises, either by physical checks or by the use of security gadgets and ensures that no pilferage occurs. They check the entry passes issued by the organization on their various programmers especially at the entrances made for ladies