February 2, 2017

About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the renowned company in the field of security & Support Services.We at Rapid having more than 20 years’ experience and having presence across the Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka Region with more than 1600 personnel. We at rapid committed to provide trained and disciplined workforce for guarding various points and establishments. Our personnel are well trained, loyal, hardworking, disciplined and physically well-built to tackle assignments. We promptly vet our personnel through proper Reference, Interviews, Screening and verification as per PSARA guidelines.

The most important strength of our success is committed team members & our trained and motivated manpower.


Our Mission is to be recognized as first preferred SECURITY ARENA in Security Organization with the motto of “Expect More from US”


Our vision is to be

  • Provide the most proficient Security services.
  • Meets & Exceed our client professional expectations.
  • Long-term relationship with customers.
  • Well Verge with updated Technologies & trend.
  • Satisfaction with Integrity & Hard Work.

We Provide:

  1. Prompt Manpower as per industry requirement.
  2. In line with agreed SOP instructions.
  3. Quick Response and resolution on your queries.
  4. Regular monitoring through day/night checks.
  5. Periodic Review Meeting from all level.
  6. Prompt compliance as per approve costing.
  7. Peace of mind with value for money.
  8. Long term business association.

Our Security Personnel :

  1. Prompt Vetted by our QR team.
  2. Prompt Trained  as per PSARA with various classroom / on site training.
  3. Young & Energetic.
  4. Fast Learner
  5. Having prompt knowledge about assignment.
  6. Quick & Responsive.

Recruitment Criteria

We recruit people who are physically fit, educated, mentally alert and emotionally strong. Though the emphasis is on being active, we are not tempted to take people who are ‘just young’. Youth, except for the hot blood, lacks maturity and judgment. We take people who are responsible for themselves, for their families, for the employers and for the society. People without any reference are not encouraged. People with political affiliation are avoided. Politicking, quarrelsome and argumentative types are rejected.

All Guards undergo an in-house verification by Rapid Security Service verification team about his/her residential address, previous job experience and other essential credentials before getting registered with the agency.

We encourage and select people who are honest, humble, committed, courageous and sincere. People with an interest to learn more are given preference. People with too much personal and domestic problems are not given chance to work for us. In short the selected people will be taking their jobs seriously and give their best.

Select through prompt reference.
Select through prompt interview process.
Verified by our verification team.
Background check.


Provide  Training as per PSARA and assignment requirement, which includes  Basics of Security, Fire Prevention & Fighting, Emergency Procedure, First Aid, Gate House Duties, Material Movement, Parking, Drill etc.

The people are our asset and we believe as our Brand Ambassador, hence utmost take care  as per industrial practice.

INDUCTION TRAINING: All the guards gone through detail induction training and get comfortable with the assignment, We ensure they familiar with our company and policies and understand and get confident about the task given.

REFRESHER TRAINING: We ensure on regular intervals conduct refresher training to keep our personnel aware and confident with updated knowledge.
We conduct in house and on site training which includes mock drill for the fire, evacuation and emergency.
The training conduct by our in-house trainer as well as periodical we called senior faculties from the industry.
We conduct  small written test after training to check their understanding and access further scope of such session.


Supervision & Surprise Checks

We ensure Regular Day & Night Visit by Area Officer throughout 365 days on round the clock basis in and around client’s premises. Rapid Security Service field officers and other senior staff members are provided with walkie-talkie sets / mobile phones to ensure effective communication internally and also with clients.

Our Executive will visit the unit periodically in order to have strict supervision over our staff & will take surprise checking and night rounds.


Response is prime tool of performance hence our team equipped with mobile phones, patrolling vehicles. We provide escalation matrix to client for smooth functioning and quick response at various level.

We will carried out regular random day / night checks along with review meeting through various seniority, and the same recorded for future reference.